Purchasing the Art

You are very welcome to contact me to ask about the paintings featured on this site.  


If you wish to purchase a work, please contact me or Metropolis Gallery in Geelong (www.metropolisgallery.com.au).


This website offers detailed information about each work, whether it is sold or available for purchase.  


'Available Paintings' provides images of landscape works that are currently available for purchase.  This site is regularly updated.  New works are exhibited and available through Metropolis Gallery in Geelong (www.metropolisgallery.com.au). A limited selection is available through Tusk Gallery in Melbourne (www.tuskgallery.com.au). If these galleries are not noted in the details, then 'contact us', because they will be available from the studio.

'Art of Nostalgia: Sold Works' includes mainly sold works in this genre, though a small selection of these is held at the studio.

'Landscapes: Sold Works' includes mainly sold paintings in this genre, though a small selection is held at the studio.



I can be contacted directly via: